40: The Gospels Gallery

Artist’s Statement

Over my 30-year professional art career, I’ve often explored Biblical themes. My love of animals and children initially had me painting a lot of Noah’s Ark images! As my style evolved, so did the breadth of the stories I explored. Finally, in 2015, I took on the entire Biblical narrative in my first large format art book, 40: The Biblical Story.

Fast forward, and I am sitting on the Mount of the Beatitudes, overlooking the Sea of Galilee as my friend (and trip leader) Josh compares how the book of Luke lays out the beatitudes differently than the book of Matthew. I suddenly realize why I am drawn to the Gospel of Luke—because it deeply explores themes of justice.

That trip helped spark my interest in exploring how the different Gospel writers were writing to different audiences and emphasizing different themes. Over many months, and with a lot of great input from people who know more than me, I developed ideas for a new set of 40 images. 

I hope you will find some joy and inspiration in this collection. As with most of my work, I juxtapose kid-like drawings and text to help the viewer see things from a fresh perspective. I’ve also woven in some visual choices to draw out the different themes. For instance, you’ll find Old Testament clues in Matthew. In Mark, which is written with so much action, I’ve added elements of comic books for emphasis. The justice themes of Luke are underlined with all of the action taking place on the flat places—down from the hills where the powerful reside. Finally, John, with its focus on Christ’s divinity, is filled with beams of light from above. I hope these choices make “walking through the gallery” even more interesting.