Big Deel

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Jesus asked this Samariten woman for water. Normly Jewish men didn’t tawk to Samariten women so it was a pretty big deel. They talked about all this relijus stuff, and that’s a big deel too. Jesus told her he’d give her living water, and THEN he told her he was the Messiuh (that he came from God)! Wich is the Biggest Deel! She ran off to tell evrybody in town. Jesus was probly like, “Um, is it OK if I borrow your water jar?” cuz Jesus lived in Bible Times and it’s hot there.

Print ($250 or $275 shipped)
Limited edition of 40 giclee prints
20" x 24" image, 24" x 28" paper

Original ($2900):
Acrylic on 300 lb. Arches paper
27” x 31” framed