Keep Fishing

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One nite, after Jesus was alive agin, Peter and sum desiples went fishing. But they didn’t catch a thing. The next morning Jesus was there but they didn’t know it was him. He yelled what to do, and then they cawt a zillion fish so they knew it was Jesus! Peter was so exsited he jumped out of the boat! Then they all ate a fish brekfist. There’s probly a lesson in there about how Jesus wants us to keep on fishing. Or jump out of boats. Or try new things for brekfist maybe? 

Print ($250 or $275 shipped)
Limited edition of 40 giclee prints
20" x 24" image, 24" x 28" paper

Original ($2900):
Acrylic on 300 lb. Arches paper
27” x 31” framed