Who is My Naybor?

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Jesus told this guy your sposed to #1 love God, and #2 love your nayber. The guy was like, “who is my naybor?” Jesus told about this Jewish guy who got beetin up.  All these relijuss peeple walked by and did nothing!  But the Good Samaritin helped even tho Samaritins and Jews didn’t normly get along.  He put on band-aids, gave him a ride on his donky, and took him to the Holiday Inn.  So the anser is: your naybor is anyone who needs help no matter where they come from. (Luckly these days you don’t need a donky to help.)

Print ($250 or $275 shipped)
Limited edition of 40 giclee prints
20" x 24" image, 24" x 28" paper

Original ($2900):
Acrylic on 300 lb. Arches paper
27” x 31” framed